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A Day At Acm

Everyone, we would like to introduce you to Sophia. Sophia is a young, outdoor adult grey tabby cat that initially presented to Dr. Cook here at the Animal Clinic of Monett for a swollen left front paw. There appeared to be a laceration or cut between her 4th and 5th digits. X-rays were taken to determine if there were any fractures or broken bones. Fortunately, there were no broken bones seen, just very severe soft tissue swelling! Sophia was given an injectable antibiotic and anti-inflammatory to treat the infection and swelling. Being an outdoor only cat made confinement very difficult to attain, but the owner agreed to watch for any changes over the next few days.

Sophia’s paw starting healing the next few days. However, after a while her very astute owner saw that her paw was starting to swell again, getting bigger than her initial injury! Sophia, being an outdoor cat, was a little hesitant of being captured for a second time. But once caught, Sophia was brought back to the clinic for a recheck exam with Dr. Price. On presentation, Sophia’s leg was severely swollen and through various nerve tests revealed that she could not feel the lower portion of her leg called to antebrachium and carpus. The leg was firm and odorous, which means that an infection had traveled up her leg. Pre-surgical bloodwork was run, revealing a very high white blood cell count! Due to the poor prognosis of regaining function of that limb and a deep infection, the best solution for Sophia was to amputate her front limb. Sophia’s left forelimb was amputated the next day and she is living happily with her family as a tripod!


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