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ACM Large Animal Services

Our goal at the Animal Clinic of Monett is to provide our large animal owners with the tools and services they need to be profitable and sustainable for years to come.  We feel that the best way to accomplish this is through preventative medicine. After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, whether that is more pounds sold come weaning time, more pounds of milk in the tank at the end of the day, or more productive days under saddle. Below are just a few of the services we offer to our large animal clientele. If there are services not listed you are interested in, do not hesitate to call us at 417-235-4088.

Beef Cattle Herds:

  • Whole herd health services and consultation
  • Pregnancy diagnosis via rectal palpation or ultrasound
  • Replacement heifer selection and management services
  • Nutrition and mineral program advice
  • Calving (dystocia) management
  • Bull breeding soundness exams
  • Prevention, management, and treatment of neonatal calf scours
  • Disease outbreak prevention, diagnosis, and management
  • Sick cow treatments
  • Treatment of lameness (come see our hydraulic tilt chute in action)

Dairy Cattle Herds:

  • Pregnancy diagnosis via rectal palpation or ultrasound
  • Nutrition and mineral program advice
  • Full service in-house mastitis lab
  • Sick cow treatment
  • Breeding program services and consultation
  • Disease outbreak prevention, diagnosis, and management


  • Dental management via conventional and pneumatic floating equipment
  • In-house Coggins laboratory with same day results on an emergency basis
  • Emergency situation management such as colic workups and laceration repair
  • Reproductive management such as artificial insemination and pregnancy diagnosis via palpation or ultrasound
  • Lameness workups including x-rays as needed
  • Therapy laser treatments available in-house

Small Ruminants:

We appreciate or modest, but loyal, sheep, goat, and South American camelid clients! Some services we provide are:

  • Dystocia management including Caesarian sections when needed
  • Whole herd health
  • FAMACHA and flock parasite control consultation
  • Routine (and sometimes not so routine) surgeries

For your convenience, we offer easy to use large animal haul in facilities with a hydraulic tilt chute and tub system for cattle.  For our equine patients we have stocks for restraint. If you need us to come to you we have ambulatory vehicles and portable cattle chutes for on the farm herd work.

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